We provide safe and secure environments.

Since founded in 1972, we have researched, manufactured and sold various devices to provide further safe and secure environments mainly to the processing sites that deal with press machines. Our principle is “Add a definite reliability to press work”.

Machines change with time, yet our hearts for manufacturing never change.

We value the voices of our customers and continue to respond to support their manufacturing sites.

Know the sites

What is needed on the sites?
We regularly visit customers to listen to their opinions and learn the situation on the site.

By observing on the sites, we can certainly know whether the product is comfortable to use, the usage effect of the product, points to be devised and what is required, etc.

Knowing the sites leads to development, which will help us provide reliability and safety.

Development and manufacture

The more frequently the machine is used on the site, the more likely the condition of it will change.

We are continuing our research on sensors not only to prevent production loss and troubles but also to offer safety to employees.

We will continue to provide products beyond the framework of sensors to improve customers’ productivity.


In order to provide customers with safe and secure environments at all times, we have established a quality policy and only produce products with confidence.

■Quality Policy
Provide low-priced, high-quality products and contribute to society through trust and satisfaction.
  • 1Strive to provide our customers with products of the highest quality.
  • 2Make efforts to reflect customer requests in product development.
  • 3Comply with the requirements of ISO9001 standard.
  • 4Improve the quality management system to remain effective.
  • 5Set quality goals, review them regularly, and strive for continuous improvement.
  • 6Strive to reduce nonconformities in all processes.
  • 7This Quality Policy will be reviewed according to customer needs.
  • 8Quality Policy is shown on our Homepage.
  • Design, Production and Sales of Automatic Press Monitoring Instruments.Production of Combustion, Toxic and Oxygen Gas detector and Monitoring Instruments.