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Our company was established in 1972 as a subsidiary of Riken Keiki Co., Ltd. (currently listed on the Prime Market of the Tokyo Stock Exchange).
As a satellite factory, we were responsible for part of Riken Keiki’s product development and production.
In 1981, we began developing original products. We focused on the development, production, and sales of abnormality monitoring device and measuring equipment for press machines. Our goal is to offer quality control and improved productivity in high speed press work.
As a member of the Riken Keiki group, our motto is “Creating Safe Work Environments” and to achieve that goal, we provide anti-pollution and safety control solutions for the industry.

President Shuji Tajima

Company Profile

Company Name RIKEN KEIKI NARA MFG. Co., Ltd.
Established November 20, 1972
Location 49-1 Abe, Sakurai-shi, Nara 633-0054 Japan
TEL +81-744-43-0051
FAX +81-744-43-0056
Capital JPY 50 million
Business Content 1. Manufacture and sale of automatic press monitoring devices and measuring devices
2. Development and manufacture of gas detection alarm
3. Manufacture and sale of various sensors
4. Other OEM development and manufacture
Main business items 1. Automatic Press Bottom Dead Center Monitoring Device (Slug Detector)
2. Dynamic Displacement Acquisition System
3. Press Operation Management System
4. Press Miss Detecto
5. Header ・Former Monitoring device
6. Flammable gas ditector
7. Box Changer (Container stocker)
8. Oil Spray System
9. Automatic Press Load Monitor
10. Multi-counter
Employees 81 (As of May, 2020)
Parent Company RIKEN KEIKI Co., Ltd.


November, 1972
Established as a subsidiary by separating from RIKEN KEIKI Co., Ltd., capitalized at JYP 5 million yen (100% owned by RIKEN KEIKI Co., Ltd.)
September, 1980
Began development of Press Slug Detector (NEW SELBER)
Development Project Established
January, 1981
Development of NEW SELBER Ⅰ (Slug detector), sales contract with EBARA
January, 1982
Developed and started sales of Press Accuracy Measurement, Data Collection System (NEW SELBER II)
February, 1983
Introduced computer to streamline and speed up office work
July, 1983
NEW SELBER (press-related equipment) in-house sales started, and sales engineering section established
February, 1987
Increased capital to JYP 50 million yen
January, 1990
Developed and started sales of Measurement of Dynamic Characteristics of Press and Waveform Analysis Support (NEW SELBER III)
October, 1992
Developed and started sales of Press Bottom Dead Center Absolute Value Monitoring Device
November, 1995
Developed and started sales of Header and Former Abnormality Detection Device (NEW SELBER 77)
March, 1997
Developed and started sales of Press Miss Detection Device (Miss Detector Mini)
June, 1998
Obtained ISO9001 certification, an international standard for quality assurance


January, 2000
Introduced Surface Mounter System to promote product miniaturization
December, 2002
Realized downsizing and price reduction of Automatic Press Bottom Dead Center Monitoring Device and sales started
December, 2003
Started sales of Container Stocker for automatic machines
Started sales of Oil Spray for automatic press machines
June, 2005
Watch, Record, Monitoring device
Developed and started sales of NEW SELBER GX
September, 2008
Super evolution of Automatic Press Monitoring Device! Developed and started sales of NEW SELBER RB/RX and Micro sensor (RS-223H)
April, 2013
Shift from computer (office computer) to sales/production management core system (server)
May, 2013
(New product) Sales of Dynamic Displacement Acquisition System RM-3000 started
April, 2014
4CH compatible! BDC Absolute Value Monitoring Device NEW SELBER VX
Developed and started sales of (RX-7302/RM-7304)
December, 2014
Added Surface Mounter System and High efficiency modular machine.
Both high speed and high quality!
March, 2016
RM-7402, RM-7404 VL (Load Monitor) sales started