Slug (Scrap) detector

NEW SELBER VXRM-7302 / RM-7304

<span>NEW SELBER VX</span>RM-7302 / RM-7304


  • ●Monitoring method (standard value, previous value) can be selected
  • ●Resolution 0.1μm (Overseas: previous value 0.1μm, standard value 0.5μm)
  • ●Can record 8 shots waveform data before error detection
  • ●Able to simultaneously monitor slug inside die and die height variation due to thermal expansion. Ideal for improving product accuracy.


Sensor installation example between ram and bolster


ModelRM-7302J (2ch)/RM-7304J (4ch) *For overseas, some models are different.
Detection resolution0.1μm *For overseas: 0.5μm
Monitoring methodPrevious value comparison/Standard value monitoring
Input3 points, non-voltage NPN open collector output (Drive current 15mA or more) or contact input
Timing input Non-voltage NPN or PNP open collector output or contact input
Output2 points, relay contact (C contact) NC-C-NO AC250V 2A Max. (Resistive load)
Power supply for timing signal DC12V 250mA Max.
Maximum number of rotations that can be monitored4500spm
Operating Temperature Limit-5-58℃ (No Condensation)
Ambient atmosphere when usedFree from corrosive gas and dust
Power supplyAC100V-240V 50/60Hz
WeightMain Unit: Approx. 3.5kg Mounting angle: Approx. 1.7kg
External Dimensions260 (W) x 170 (H) x 136 (D) mm (excluding terminal block and other protrusions)
DisplayColor TFT LCD (7.5-inch) Number of dots Horizontal 640 x Vertical 480
Backlight life 50,000 hours (Typ.)

*The specifications and the contents described in this instruction manual are subject to change without prior notice.