Slug (Scrap) detector


<span>NEW SELBER RB/RX</span>RM-2305


  • ●High precision detection, resolution 0.1μm (max setting 99.9μm)
  • ●Can be extended up to 8 channels (RX 1unit 2ch: RM-2505)
  • ●Analog output function installed (Checks stripper plate waveform and detection timing position)
  • ●Ideal for precision machining with evolution of first bound detection function (First bound peak value detection/First bound bottom peak variation detection)
    PATENT NO. 6098979
  • * “RM-2305” is a model that combines one RM-2405 and one RM-2505.


NameNEW SELBER RB Base unit 
Input3 points, non-voltage NPN open collector output or contact input
Output2 points, relay contact (C contact) NC-C-NO AC250V 2A Max. (Resistive load)
AC OUT 1A Max.
Maximum number of detection units installedRM-2505 4 units (8 channels)
Operating Temperature Limit0-50℃ (No Condensation)
Ambient atmosphere when usedFree from corrosive gas and dust
Power supplyAC100V-240V 50/60Hz
WeightMain Unit: Approx. 1.4kg Mounting angle: Approx. 0.8kg
External Dimensions150 (W) x 60 (H) x 140 (D) mm (excluding terminal block and other protrusions)
Name NEW SELBER RX Slug Detection Unit
Model RM-2505
Detection resolution 0.1μm (1μm when using RS-233H)
Monitoring method Previous value comparison
Maximum number of rotations that can be monitored 4000spm
Detection channel 1 unit 2 channels
External input (2 channels shared) 1 point, non-voltage NPN open collector output or contact input
External input Measurement waveform output (trace waveform/timing)
Operating Temperature Limit 0-50℃ (No Condensation)
Ambient atmosphere when used Free from corrosive gas and dust
Power supply Supplied from RM-2405
Weight Main Unit: Approx. 1kg
External Dimensions 150 (W) x 60 (H) x 140 (D) mm (excluding protrusions)

*The specifications and the contents described in this instruction manual are subject to change without prior notice.