Dynamic Precision Measuring Device


<span>NEW SELBER Ⅲ</span>RM-3000


  • ●Can measure over time variation of each shot’s BDC or first bound point [Image (1)]
  • ●Can continuously measure (monitor) BDC fluctuation waveforms of each shot [Image (2)]
  • ●Can analyze measured data [Image (3)]

Usage example

Create a stable press work environment that does not rely on experience or intuition with the help of press precision visualization.

Main usage examples of NEW SELBER III RM-3000 (Press work merits)
  • ・Collect data for press machine introduction. (Characteristic differences with/without load etc.)
  • ・Improve processing parts by elaborating on existing press usages (utilizing its characteristics).
  • ・Measure BDC dynamic precision by changes in press spm. (Establish optimum speed)
  • ・Utilize in periodic maintenance of press and die. (Optimize maintenance timing based on quantitative evaluation)
  • ・Feedback data to die designs and processes.

…etc. NEW SELBER III RM‐3000 contributes to more stable production.

NEW SELBER III RM-3000 measurement scene

Data can be acquired depending on the presence or absence of molds and materials for comparative study.
*A PC is required for data measurement.

Sensor installation example

Sensor/jig installation example (diagonal)

Press front view (image)


Model RM-3000
Detection channelUp to 10 channels
External inputNon-voltage NPN open collector output or contact input (DC24V 500mA)
Maximum number of rotations that can be monitored4000spm
Operating Temperature Limit5-45℃ (No Condensation)
Ambient atmosphere when usedFree from corrosive gas and dust
Power supplyAC100V-230V 50/60Hz
WeightMain Unit: Approx. 7kg
External Dimensions340 (W) x 155 (H) x 250 (D) mm (excluding protrusions)
PC interfaceUSB2.0 shape USB B Number of terminals 1

*The specifications and the contents described in this instruction manual are subject to change without prior notice.

OS Windows7(64bit)、Windows10(64bit)
CPU Intel Core i7 processor
2.4 GHz (i7-3630QM equivalent) or higher
Memory 16GB or more
HDD 320GB or more (occupies about 500MB when installed)
Graphic Graphic chip installed (memory 1GB or more)
*Cannot be used with CPU built-in graphic.
Display resolution 1920☓1080 or higher
Interface USB2.0 1 port or above
Others Microsoft Excel (viewing and editing CSV files)


Please wait until input screen displayed.

If input screen is not displayed, please email to sales-nara@rikenkeiki.co.jp.