Load monitoring device

NEW SELBER BLRM-2122 / RM-2124

<span>NEW SELBER BL</span>RM-2122 / RM-2124


  • ●Ideal for die height adjustment
  • ●Equipped with 3 types of monitoring functions(Overload, direct, standard value monitoring)
  • ●Equipped with breakthrough confirmation function

※selling separately:RS-703H


TypeRM-2122(2ch) / RM-2124(4ch)
SENSORRS-703H (selling separately)
MonitoringOverload monitoring / Direct monitoring / Standard monitoring
Monitoring load rangeOverload monitoring:0~9999 (kN or t) 1 step
Direct monitoring :0~9999 (kN or t) 1 step
Standard monitoring:±9999 (kN or t) 1 step
SENSOR Channel2CH (RM-2122)
4CH (RM-2124)
InputSTART IN (NPN transistor open collector input or contact input)
RESET IN (NPN transistor open collector input or contact input)
TIMING IN……2 input (NPN, PNP transistor open collector output or contact output)
Stop output (STOP OUT)Relay contact output NC-C-NO AC250V 2A Max. (Resistance load)
Timing signal POWERDC12V output 250mA Max.
Monitoring SPM range3000SPM
Operating Temperature0 - 50℃ (no condensation)
Operating CircumstancesNo dust, no corrosive gas
POWERAC100 - 240V (±10%)   POWER consumption: 15VA or less
Mounting angle: 0.8kg
Dimensions (Excluding Terminal block and extrusions)120.7(W) × 139(H) × 199(D) mm

*The specifications and the contents described in this instruction manual are subject to change without prior notice.


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