Automatic Press Bottom Dead Point Monitoring Device
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> RM-2402(BX)
> RM-2404(BX)
> RM-1310(V)
Bottom Dead Center Reference Value Monitoring Device
> RM-7302 , RM-7304(VX)
> RM-7201(GX)
Dynamic Displacement Acquisition System
> RM-3000(Ⅲ)
Miss Detection Unit
> RM-2703(BM)
Press Load Monitoring Device
> RM-7402 , RM-7404(VL)
Header Former Monitoring Unit
> RM-2803 , RM-2804(77)
Type of sensors
> RS-833H et al.
SG Spray System
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Press B.D.C. Monitoring and Recording Device

  Press B.D.C. Monitoring and Recording Device
  RM-7302 (2ch) RM-7304 (4ch)  
  It can monitor the change over time of bottom dead center with color graphic monitor.
It is possible for continuous recording the data of bottom dead center into the USB flash memory.
It is very praxtical for traceability.
  • It can monitor 2 channels or 4 channels.
  • Respond to Maximum speed 4500 SPM.
  • It has 3 Monitoring modes;Bottom Dead Center mode,The First
    Bound Mode, and External Timing Mode.

    (It can select the Mode by each chanel.)
  • High resolution of 0.1µm.(For Japan Domestic) *0.5µm(For Outside of Japan)
  • It corresponds to all the sensors of our products.
  • 7.5 inches large size LCD monitor.
  • It is possible for continuous recording the data of bottom dead center into the USB flash memory maximum 32GB.
  • It can select the monitoring type;the Reference value monitoring
    or the previous value monitoring.

  • ■The Reference Value Monitoring
     It samples the value of Bottom Dead Center and set the average data as reference value.
     It compares the reference value and each shot.
     ☞It is adequate for monitoring the accuracy of bending,
       or the thickness change of coining.
     ☞It is also adequit for monitoring the change over time of
       bottom dead center.
    ■Monitoring Mode
     ●Bottom Dead Center Mode (B.D.C)
      If a scarap was floated up between die mold and a stripper plate,
      the stripper position is changed.
      It can detect the Scrap Floating due to measuring this fluctuation of BDC.
     ●The First Bound Mode (1st Bound)
      When a scrap is floated up during using die mold with high-pressure spring,
      the scrap is almost smashed and too difficult to detect with BDC mode.
      Therefore, the 1st Bound Mode catch the first contact point of stripper plate and material
      before smash the floated scrap, and detect the scrap floating.
     ●External Timing Mode
      Detect the BDC value by fixed angle.
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