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Dynamic Displacement Acquisition System

  Dynamic Displacement Acquisition System         NEW SELBERⅢ


RM-3000 is newly developed system to measure dynamic accuracy of press machines based on the know-how which has been developed by the conventional machine with improved function and operability.It performs under Windows7(64-bit) circumstances.It performs data acquisition more flexibly and performs waveform regeneration. It has the function to export the data to other applications as well. RM-3000

RM-3000 offers the following modes for a variety of measurement.
  • Mode 1 It enables to measure the changes over time of
                  bottom dead center at each stroke or first bound.
  • Mode 2 The measurement (observation) of bottom dead center displacement waveform is
                  available at each stroke.
  • Mode 3 It can be used like a digital recorder.

It achieved easy data conversion.

  1. Measuring data at Mode 2 is able to represent 3 dimensions.
  2. The data measured by RM-3000 can be converted to CSV files.
    It enables to handle the data by using other spreadsheet applications.
Example of the use

  1. Data acquisition to know the characteristics between no loading and loading conditions. Such data will help to select better dynamic accuracy press machines.
  2. Measurement in 3 dimensions (X, Y, Z) by combination of bottom dead center and displacement (slide).
  3. Comparison measurement among bottom dead center displacement, press machine frame, temperature of stamping die and temperature of oil.
  4. Quality improvement of stamped products with existing press machines by utilizing their characteristics.
  5. Measurement of bottom dead center displacement at press machine start time by temperature variation and its countermeasures.
  6. Data acquisition for periodical maintenance of press machines and stamping tools.
  7. Measurement of changes of bottom dead center dynamic accuracy due to changes of press machine SPM. (To know optimum SPM)
  8. Feedback of the data to stamping tool design process and to stamping process to improve the quality. (From the feeling to numerical expression)
  9. Creation of stamping tool design data by considering center of the mass and balance of the wait. (The difference of impact waveform for each press machine and stamping tool)
  10. Selection of effective setting place of slug detecting sensors by detecting the stripper plate surface with sensor.
    Effective utilization of the first bound mode.
Configuration and options

Use the PC with following specs.

Essential specifications
Definition of display

Windows®7(64-bit) Up to and including Windows Vista are unsupported.
Intel®Core™ i7 Processor 2.4GHz or faster
16GB or greater
320GB or greater
Graphic chip equipped (1GB of memory or greater)
1920 × 1080 dots or greater
1 × USB2.0 or greater
Install Microsoft Excel (browsing and editing CSV format files)

RM-3000 (Main body)
* 4 pieces of RO-3011B are standard
   installed items.
Purchase necessary options separately for open 6 slots.

RO-3011B RO-3011B (Bottom Dead Center Board)
 ·Measurement range 500 - 2000μm
 ·Temperature drift
    Sensor MAX 0.1μm per degree
    Main body 1.0μm per degree

 ·Bottom Dead Center (Bottom)
    Measure the bottom dead center.
    It is used to measure the accuracy of press machine.
 ·First Bound (1st)
                                        Measure the first bound.
                                        It is used to measure the spring force
                                        of stripper plate or to optimize sensor location.
                                        (Bottom Dead Center or First Bound is selectable
                                          by software setting.)

RO-3011R RO-3011R (Displacement Board)
 ·Measurement range 500 - 2000μm
 ·Temperature drift
    Sensor MAX 0.1μm per degree
    Main body 1.0μm per degree
 3 dimensional measurement is available
 with combination of RO-3011B
 by measuring the swing of stamping tool.

RO-3011T (Temperature Board)
 Measurement range -5 - 300 degrees(Type K thermocouple)
 Accuracy plus / minus 3 degrees
 Comparison measurement among bottom dead center displacement, press
 machine frame, temperature of stamping die and temperature of oil.

RO-3011L(Load Board) available in the future
RO-3011V(General Measurement Input Board) available in the future
RO-3011D(Long Range Board)  available in the future
 (Measurement range is 10mm)

Examples of monitor display
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To details

Download of the External dimensions is available.
*Select "Right click=Save the object into file" to save the data in a file.

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