Automatic Press Bottom Dead Point Monitoring Device
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Bottom Dead Center Reference Value Monitoring Device
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Dynamic Displacement Acquisition System
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Miss Detection Unit
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Press Load Monitoring Device
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Header Former Monitoring Unit
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Type of sensors
> RS-833H et al.
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Automatic Press Bottom Dead Point Monitoring Device

  Automatic Slug Detection Device
  This device will detect the slugs coming up by detecting the displacement of stripper plate when slugs come up. The displacement is detected by the sensors, which are installed on the stripper plate.
Monitoring accuracy : +/-1μm
  • Achieved a low price.
  • Quick replacement is achieved by interchangeability of sensor.
  • Timing sensor is not required since it has internal synchronization.
  • Digital type achieved simple operation. (There is no variation in operator.)
Detection Method
  The slug, which is caught in upper or lower surface of the raw material will be crashed by stripper plate of the die which has spring loaded stopper at B.D.C. However, 20 to 40% of slug thickness (depends on material) will be remain and it will shift the position of stripper plate. This device will detect the displacement of the stripper plate by comparing with normal position.
This device will not be affected by the change of material thickness or rise in temperature of the unit since it compares the displacement of the stripper plate at every stroke.
This device is not be affected by the bound or spring load of the stripper plate due to bottom hold type system which only detects the lowest point of the stripper plate by using micro processor.
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